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Episode Guide-Series 1
Episode: The X Files
Writer Chris Carter
Director Robert Mandel
Special Agent Dana Scully is assigned to investigate - and debunk - an FBI project dubbed the X-Files which Special Agent Fox 'Spooky' Mulder has made his own. The first case Scully tackles with Mulder sees them looking into a series of mysterious deaths, distinguished by two red marks in the victim's skin.
Episode: Deep Throat
Writer Chris Carter
Director Daniel Sackheim
Mulder and Scully look into the case of a military test pilot who disappeared after exhibiting psychotic behavior, leading them to a secret air-base and into danger.
Episode: Squeeze
Writers Glen Morgan, James Wong
Director Harry Longstreet
Mulder and Scully follow the trail of a serial killer whose murder spree recurs every 30 years. The victims are all murdered inside secured rooms, each having their liver ripped out.
Episode: Conduit
Writers Alex Gansa, Howard Gordon
Director Daniel Sackheim
Mulder becomes obsessed with solving a case of possible alien abduction which closely parallels the earlier abduction of his sister.
Episode: The Jersey Devil
Writer Chris Carter
Director Joe Napolitano
Scully and Mulder track a legendary creature that roams the New Jersey countryside, in conflict with the local police, who are more interested in the impact on the tourist industry.
Episode: Shadows
Writer Glen Morgan, James Wong
Director Michael Katleman
The agents are called in after the death of two men whose throats have been crushed from the inside.
Episode: Ghost in the Machine
Writer Alex Gansa, Howard Gordon
Director Jerrold Freedman
In the mysterious death of a corporate executive, the prime suspect is the buildings computer.
Episode: Ice
Writer Glen Morgan, James Wong
Director David Butler
Investigating the isolated deaths of a team of geophysicists at an Alaskan science outpost, Scully and Mulder encounter paranoia and a deadly parasitic alien life form.
Episode: Space
Writer Chris Carter
Director William Graham
When a space shuttle is sabotaged, Mulder suspects it might be the work of an evil extraterrestrial spirit which has inhabited the body of a former Gemini astronaut.
Episode: Fallen Angel
Writers Howard Gordon, Alex Gansa
Director Larry Shaw
Following the crash of a UFO and a government cover-up, Mulder's infiltration of the landing site puts the future of the X-Files in jeopardy.
Episode: Eve
Writers Kenneth Biller, Chris Brancato
Director fred Gerber
Mulder and Scully search for twin girls, who disappear after the simultaneous and identical deaths of their fathers several hundred miles apart.
Episode: Fire
Writer Chris Carter
Director Larry Shaw
Phoebe Green Mulder's former lover and ex-classmate, who's now New Scotland Yard inspector, seeks his assistance in finding a pyrokinetic assassin of members of the British aristocracy.
Episode: Beyond the Sea
Writers Glen Morgan, James Wong
Director David Nutter
Shocked by the sudden death of her father, Scully believes the psychic predictions of death row inmate Luther Boggs, who claims he can guide the authorities to a vicious murderer.
Epsiode: Genderbender
Writers Larry Barber, Paul Barber
Director Rob Bowman
Mulder and Scully look into the activities of an isolated religious sect called the Kindred, after a sect member, who is able to change sex, becomes the prime suspect in a murder case.
Episode: Lazarus
Writers Alex Gansa, Howard Gordon
Director David Nutter
The consciousness of a dangerous criminal possesses Agent Willis, Scully's former boyfriend and 'he' takes her hostage.
Episode: Young at Heart
Writers Scott Kaufer, Chris Carter
Director Michael Lang
A robber and murderer, John Barnett - believed to have died years before in prison - wages a vendetta against Mulder The Government is after a secret which the killer holds.
Epsiode: EBE
Writers Glen Morgan, James Wong
Director William Graham
Mulder becomes the focus of mis-information campaign at the hands of Deep Throat when he attempts to trace the Government's secret transportation of an EBE.
Episode: Miracle Man
Writers Howard Gordon, Chris Carter
Director Michael Lange
Mulder's attention and skepticism, are aroused by a ministry led my a man whose adopted son has remarkable healing powers but who seems to have turned his ability to more sinister ends.
Episode: Shapes
Writer Marylin Osborn
Director David Nutter
In a remote part of Montana, Mulder and Scully are on the track of a wolf-like creature linked to the Native American legend of the Manitou.
Episode: Darkness Falls
Writer Chris Carter
Director Joe Napolotano
Loggers working in a remote forest unearth thousands of deadly insect-like creatures which paralyze and cocoon their victims. Mulder and Scully find themselves trapped in a remote cabin with a failing fuel supply their only hope.
Episode: Tooms
Writers Glen Morgan, James Wong
Director David Nutter
Eugene Tooms, the 'stretchy' killer of Squeeze is released on parole. Mulder is certain he will kill again, before hibernating for a further 30 years.
Episode: Born Again
Writers Glen Morgan, James Wong
Director Jerrold Freedman
An eight-year-old girl is the prime suspect in a bizarre series of seemingly unrelated deaths. Mulder believes she is possessed by the avenging spirit of a murdered policeman.
Episode: Roland
Writer Chris Ruppenthal
Director David Nutter
Following the unusual death of aeronautics research lab scientists, Roland the mentally-challenged janitor, soon becomes the prime suspect.
Episode: The Erlenmeyer Flask
Writer Chris Carter
Director R W Goodwin
Deep Throat tips off Mulder on an experiment to clone extraterrestrial viruses, but it's a secret the Government is determined to preserve, and Mulder is taken hostage.