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Episode Guide-Series 2
Episode: Little Green Men
Writers Glen Morgan, James Wong
Director David Nutter With the X-Files closed down and the agents separated, Mulder - and the military - learn of an alien sighting in Puerto Rico which has been captured on videotape.
Episode: The Host
Writer Chris Carter
Director Daniel Sackheim
Mulder visits New Jersey to investigate the death of several men found with unusual bite marks. Scully's autopsy reveals a parasite and soon Mulder is hunting a genetically mutated creature stalking the city sewers.
Episode: Blood
Writers Glen Morgan, James Wong, Story: Darin Morgan
Director David Nutter
When the mild-mannered residents of a small Virginia suburb go berserk, killing indiscriminately, Mulder suspects they are being fed subliminal messages through digital displays.
Episode: Sleepless
Writer Howard Gordon
Director Rob Bowman
Mulder is assigned a new partner and they are soon on the trail of top secret military sleep deprivation experiment conducted in Vietnam.
Episode: Duane Barry
Writer Chris Carter
Director Chris Carter
Former FBI agent Duane Barry has taken hostages and is claiming he is an abductee. Mulder endangers his own life to free the hostages, while Scully digs more deeply into the ex-agent's history and is herself abducted.
Episode: Ascension
Writer Paul Brown
Director Michael Lange
Mulder pursues Barry to rescue Scully. Skinner re-opens the X-Files after he learns that an unidentified faction within the FBI (and the Government) is trying to cover up evidence discovered by Mulder.
Episode: 3
Writers Glen Morgan, James Wong & Chris Ruppenthal
Director David Nutter
Mulder goes to Hollywood to investigate a series of murders with a vampire angle. He encounters an exotic mystery woman. Unfortunately, she's the prime suspect.
Epsiode: One Breath
Writer Glen Morgan, James Wong
Director R W Goodwin
Scully turns up in a hospital, in a coma. Mulder tries to speed her recovery by confronting the Cigarette Smoking Man.
Episode: Firewalker
Writer Howard Gordon
Director David Nutter
Mulder and Scully investigate the mysterious disappearance of a team of scientists working on the rim of a volcano in Oregon.
Episode: Red Museum
Writer Chris Carter
Director Win Phelps
Mulder and Scully look into the disappearance, and subsequent reappearance hours later, of teenagers.
Episode: Excelsius Dei
Writer Paul Brown
Director Stephen Surjik
A nurse claims that she was attacked by supernatural forces at a nursing home. Mulder and Scully discover a sinister presence emanating from the elderly patients.
Episode: Aubrey
Writer Sara B Charno
Director Rob Bowman
Mulder and Scully travel to Aubrey Texas, to investigate a death connected with a serial killer from years earlier.
Episode: Irresistible
Writer Chris Carter
Director David Nutter
Scully is haunted by personal demons as the agents investigate a psycho who collects hair and fingernails from the dead.
Epsiode: Die Hand Die Verletzt
Writers Glen Morgan, James Wong
Director Kim Manners
The body of a New Hampshire boy is found displayed in a ritualistic manner and Mulder and Scully discover a witches' cavern.
Episode: Fresh Bones
Writer Howard Gordon
Director Rob Bowman
Investigating murder in a North Carolina refugee camp, Scully and Mulder find a camp Commander in a running battle with a Voodoo priest.
Episode: Colony
Writers Chris Carter, David Duchovny
Director Nick Marck
Mulder and Scully investigate murders involving identical people. Mulder's sister Samatha returns or does she?
Episode: End Game
Writer Frank Spotnitz
Director Rob Bowman
Mulder negotiates Scully's freedom at a high personal price and his search for his sister leads him to the icecaps - and close to death.
Episode: Fearful Symmetry
Writer Steve DeJarnatt
Director James Whitmore Jr.
Animals go missing from a zoo and Mulder suspects aliens. Scully is sceptical and favours animal rights activists.
Episode: Dod Kalm
Writers Howard Gordon, Alex Gansa
Director Rob Bowman
Mulder and Scully grow old together aboard the abandoned navy destroyer USS Argent.
Episode: Humbug
Writer Darin Morgan
Director Kim Manners
A trail of ripped-open bodies leads Mulder and Scully to a town populated by former sideshow freaks.
Episode: The Calusari
Writer Sara B Charno
Director Michael Vejar
A superstitious Romanian grandmother is convinced her grandson is possessed by evil and responsible for his brother's death.
Episode: F Emasculata
Writers Chris Carter, Howard Gordon
Director Rob Bowman
Mulder and Scully help capture two convicts, but there's a deadly contagion on the loose - and the government knows more than it is admitting.
Episode: Soft Light
Writer Vince Gilligan
Director James Contner
An ex-student of Scully's asks for her help solving a number of disappearances. They encounter a scientist with a deadly secret.
Episode: Our Town
Writer Frank Spotnitz
Director Rob Bowman
Disappearances in a chicken factory in a small Southern town hide a bizarre case involving cannibalism.
Episode: Anasazi
Writer Chris Carter, David Duchovny
Director R W Goodwin
A computer hacker passes Defence Department files on UFOs to Mulder,who starts to act strangely. The Smoking Man is after the data and Scully discovers what's wrong with her partner. A cliff-hanger to end Season Two.