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Episode Guide-Series 3
Episode: The Blessing Way
Writer Chris Carter
Director R W Goodwin
The search is on for Mulder, missing presumed dead. Scully faces possible dismissal from the FBI and the menacing Smoking Man tries to locate the secret files. Meanwhile, the Well-Manicured Man politely informs Scully of her imminent demise.
Episode: Paper Clip
Writer Chris Carter
Director Rob Bowman
With a government hit squad closing in, Mulder and Scully, aided by Skinner, manage to evade capture and continue their search for clues, revealing the connection between Nazi war criminals and a supposedly discontinued government project.
Episode: DPO
Writer Howard Gordon
Director Kim Manners
Scully and Mulder visit a small town in Oklahoma to investigate the deaths of four young men all killed by lightening.
Episode: Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose
Writer Darin Morgan
Director David Nutter
Investigating a series of murders where the victims entrails are evidently arranged in an attempt to divine the future, Mulder and Scully are helped by a psychic insurance salesman.
Episode: The List
Writer Darin Morgan
Director Chris Carter
After the mysterious death of a prison guard in a death row cell, Mulder and Scully find the prime suspect is a man who was executed several days before.
Episode: 2 Shy
Writer Jeffrey Vlaming
Director David Nutter
The two agents hunt for a serial killer who meets his victims through the Internet and asphyxiates them, removing much of the victim's body fat.
Episode: The Walk
Writer John Shiban
Director Rob Bowman
Mysterious Deaths occur at an army base suggest an
invisible, deadly force. The base's CO objects to inquires
but then his family is threatened.
Episode: Oubliette
Writer Charles Grant
Director Kim Manners
Apparent psychic transference links a 12-year-old kidnapped girls with a former victim. Scully realizes that Mulder's interest in the case is linked to the past and his sister.
Episode: Nisei
Writers Chris Carter, Howard Gordon & Frank Spotnitz
Director David Nutter
An 'alien autopsy' video leads Mulder to a search for a strange creature on a train. Meanwhile Scully encounters people who know of her disappearance.
Episode: 731
Writer Frank Spotnitz
Director Rob Bowman
Mulder is trapped on a moving train with the ruthless Red-Haired Man, an 'alien' and a bomb. Scully uncovers the secret oh the Hansen's Disease Research Facility.
Episode: Revelations
Writer Kim Mewton
Director David Nutter
Investigating the death of Reverend Finley, Scully and Mulder are told that 'Forces of Darkness' will trigger Armageddon and God will choose someone to avert catastrophe. Surprisingly Scully accepts this more than Mulder.
Episode: War of the Coprophages
Writer Darin Morgan
Director Kim Manners
A bug exterminator is himself exterminated by a particularly nasty species if cockroach! Scully puts forward a scientific explanation, but Mulder believes in a more radical interpretation.
Episode: Syzygy
Writer Chris Carter
Director Rob Bowman
Mulder and Scully visit 'The Perfect Harmony City' to investigate the death of several high school students. Locals blame a satanic cult, while and astrologer argues a planetary involvement.
Episode: Grotesque
Writer Howard Gordon
Director Kim Manners
John Mostow, a serial killer who murdered seven men, mutilating their faces, is finally captured - but the murders continue. Mostow claims he was possessed by a demon.
Episode: Piper Maru
Writer Frank Spotnitz, Chris Carter
Director Rob Bowman
A French salvage crew of a downed WW2 fighter in the South Pacific is struck down by radiation burns. Mulder's investigation leads him to Hong Kong and an encounter with Krycek.
Episode: Apocrypha
Writer Frank Spotnitz, Chris Carter
Director Kim Manners
Returning from Hong Kong with Krycek, Mulder hopes to regain the UFO data tape and Scully learns the identity of the man who killed her sister.
Episode: Pusher
Writer Vince Gillingham
Director Rob Bowman
Using mind control, a murder suspect escapes, leaving a trail of cryptic clues which result in further deaths. Eventually he sets his sights on Mulder.
Episode: Teso Dos Bichos
Writer John Shiban
Director Kim Manners
An Indian artifact, supposedly containing the remains of a female Shaman, causes a series of deaths. Mulder and Scully go underground to track down a jaguar-spirit.
Episode: Hell Money
Writer Jeffery Vlaming
Director Tucker Gates
In San Francisco's Chinatown, Mulder and Scully join up with a local detective to investigate the report of a man burned alive inside a crematorium.
Episode: Jose Chung's From Outer Space
Writer Darin Morgan
Director Rob Bowman
Scully recounts an alleged UFO encounter to a famous author researching a novel. The case revolves around a teenage girl and her boyfriend, who it is thought might have been abducted by aliens.
Episode: Avatar
Writer Howard Gordon, David Dochovny
Director James Charleston
Skinner becomes the prime suspect in the murder of a prostitute and the attempted murder of his wife - whom he is divorcing.
Episode: Quagmire
Writer Kim Newton
Director Kim Manners
Mulder blames deaths at Lake Heuvelmans, Georgia on legendary monster, Big Blue. Scully brings along her dog, Queequeg, for some fresh air. Bad idea!
Episode: Wetwired
Writer Mat Beck
Director Rob Bowman
The agents discover numerous videos at the homes of murderers. When they view footage of cable news shows, Scully begins to act very strangely- eventually trying to kill Mulder.
Episode: Talitha Cumi
Writer Chris Carter
Director R W Goodmin
After his Mother has a stroke, Mulder begins a desperate hunt for an alien with apparently miraculous healing powers. The Smoking Man,and other dangerous individuals are on the same trail.