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Chris's   X-Files   Page

Hi!! Welcone to my X-Files Page!! As you can tell this is a page about one of the best shows on earth, the X-Files. If you don't know what the X-Files is about then i'll tell you. The X-Files is about two F.B.I. agents called Fox Mulder and Dana Scully who are assigned to a section of the F.B.I. called the X-Files. The X-Files are the section that coversparanormal activity e.g. aliens,UFO's. Every episode(well all most)keeps you on the edge of your seat while Mulder try's to find the existence of Extra-Terrestrials (aliens) and Scully try's to prove him wrong!!. Well enough about that for the moment. Hopefully you will enjoy this page and find it usefull!! Well I better shut-up now and let you get on!! C'ya!!

Your agent number to have solved the x-file known as Chris's X-files Page!!

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