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Official X-Files Site

X-Files awards and honors for the 1994-95 season.
Case Files
Background information on the X-Files including the episode guide, information about the show, it's creator and character bios.
Convention Update
A list of upcoming X-Files conventions.
Creator, Chris Carter
Chris Carter is the creator and executive producer of The X-Files, as well as one of its main writers.
Episode Guide
A listing of each episode for all three seasons of the X-Files.
Gillian Anderson
Fox biography on Gillian Anderson who play Agent Scully on Fox's X-Files.
Official X-Files Fan Club
Membership includes a subscription to X-Notes, X-Files collectibles, color poster, photos of the stars and a membership card.
Production Staff
A look at the people behind the scenes - producers, story editors, and writers.
Special Agent Mulder
Twentieth Century Fox bio on David Duchovny

The Official X-Files Fan Forum
Fans world-wide are invited to discuss The X-Files and any topics regarding the unexplained and the para normal. Very active.

The X-Files
The Official X-Files Home Page
The X-Files - Win a Trip to the Set
Find out how you can win a trip to the set of The X-Files.
The X-Test
Take the X-Test and see how X-Files saavy you are; includes 10 questions and a chance to win an X-Files t-shirt.
Trust No One
Amateur Winner: Maintained by Stephen Banks, features a collection of resources related to Fox Network's "X-Files" TV show.
Upcoming Episodes
Read a review on new episodes before they air.
X-Files Merchandise
Order on-line X-Files memorabilia including t-shirts, watches, hats, and more.

Unofficial X-Files Sites

FBI Special Agents
The FBI Special Affairs Division - background on two special agents: Agent Penrose and Agent Wheeler.
Federal Investigations- X Files Division
Must have high security clearance to view this site. Peruse unsolved X-Files projects and the bureaus faq.
More of The X-Files
A closer look at some famous X-Files episodes.
The Ryersonian : X-Cited by the X-Files
Find out why so many people are intrigued by The X-Files.
The X Files Alphabet List: A-Z
A list from A - Z of X-Files characters, themes, and more...
The X-Files
The X-Files Home Page
The X-Files Cards Page
Over 72 trading cards on various X-Files themes, including "Face of Fear," "Born Again," and "Invaded Host."
Variety of links to X-Files images, sounds and general information.
X-Files Net Links
Direct links to X-Files magazine articles, merchandise, news groups and more.
X-Files Page

X-Files Pictures
Variety of pictures of Mulder and Scully.
X-Files: A Quick Reference
A host of links to recent interviews, episode guides, news groups, screen savers, images, sounds and much more.

Acronyms Guide

YAXA List - X-Files Terminology
Glossary of acronyms which can be used to decode typical X-Phile posts

Agent Scully

CBC Radio Interview 9/95
Transcript from the September 16, 1995 CBC Radio interview with guest Gillian Anderson.
Gillian Anderson British Association
The Gillian Anderson British Association fan club (GABA).
Interview Regis & Kathie Lee
Gillian Anderson appears for her first live interview with Regis and Kathie Lee on a May, '95 show; complete transcript.
Interview with Scully (British Mag)
March '96 interview with Gillian Anderson featured in For Him Magazine.
Movie line Interview, 6/95
Transcript from Gillian Anderson (aka Agent Scully)
People Magazine Interview, 3/95
The People Magazine article on Gillian Anderson, co-star of Fox's hit, the X-Files.
Direct from the Sci Fi site, dozens of Agent Scully sayings...
X-Files Pics -- Gillian Anderson
A variety of Gillian Anderson pictures


A list of awards the X-Files show has won and been nominated for as recent as the '96 Golden Globes (compiled by Simon Chin)

Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes
A look at the creator of the show, Chris Carter.

Character Biographies

Includes images and backgrounds on Skinner, Deep Throat, The Smoking Man, Byers, Langly, Krycek, Senator Matheson and more.
Mitch Pileggi
Pileggi stars as Agent Mulder and Agent Scully's chief reporting officer and is the Assistant Director of the FBI.
Office of the Assistant Director
Updated regularly and includes recent press coverage on Mitch Pileggi (aka Assistant Director Skinner).


Scully and Mulder Mailing List
The Agent Scully and Agent Mulder mailing list.
X-Files Chat
Active group discussing The X-Files.


Episode Ratings and Reviews
Users can rate each X-Files episode. Results are posted daily.
X-Files: Episode Ratings
X-Files episode ratings conducted by Charles Mc Grew and updated regularly.

Fan Clubs

America Online Forum
Includes over 3500 members who regularly chat about X-Files episodes and related themes.
Bay Area X-Files Encounter Group
Every Friday a group of San Francisco Bay area fans gather to discuss the X-Files and related themes.
The X-Files-Fan Fiction Mailing List
Links to dozen of X-Files fan clubs and forums
Western's X-Files Club
Western's X-Files Club (WXFC) is a USC fan club at the University of Western Ontario founded April 1994.


The Dutch X-Files Site
Links to X-Files pictures, character information and sound files.
The X-files - Australia
See what X-Files fans have to say on the show in Australia.
X-Files Hong Kong
What fans in Hong Kong have to say about the X-Files.
X-Files Site - Canada
A close up look at many of the X-Files characters including Cancer Man, Skinner, and Krychek.


Shirts, Sweat shirts, etc.
Dozens of X-Files memorabilia including t-shirts, sweat shirts, lapel pins, postcards, etc.
Starland Australia
X-Files merchandise including pens, shirts, coffee mugs and more.
Trader: 800-TREKKER
Sells X-Files memorabilia including books, calendars, hats, mugs, posters, sweat shirts, t-shirts, and trading cards

Quote Collection

X-Files Quote Collection
A collection of X-Files quotes from each episode.

Sound Files

Some Sound Bites
Includes sound bites from such episodes as "Gender bender," "Beyond the Sea," "Eve," and the "Fallen Angel."
X-Files Sound-O-Rama
Listen to a variety of sound bites from characters Scully, Mulder, Skinner and more.
X-Files WAVs
Updated every few weeks.

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A site devoted to David Duchovny:
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Inside the X:
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Ned's Ultimate X-Files list:
Songs in the key of X:
The OCP X-Files gallery:
The Superdeformed X-Files Page:
The X-Archive:
The X-Files-1:
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The X-Files Most Unwanted:
The X-Files Sites:
Tom Parle's X-Files Links:
Welcome to the X-Files:
X-Files Central-The huge list of internet X-Files Sites:
X-Files Links:
Zerocool's picture and sound archive:
Andre's Web Page:
X-FILES New AVI / MOV Tapes of TV series:
Marks X-Files page

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