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First of all I guess I might as well give you a short description of the page and the qualifactions needed to join!!Well basically it's a webring consisting of webpages about the sci-fi TV show, The X-Files!!So if you wanna join the webring then this is what you need to have:First of all you oviously need to have a webpage and it has to have these things within it:
1) A good amount of X-Files content,
2) A page of some interest that is not totally boring and
3)A link back to my page on it.
Now,if your page meets the quals then just follow these 2 simple steps:
1)Fill in the submit site form below and
2)Add the HTML fragment below the form to your page but add your name, e-mail and ring I.D. when you are added to the ring!!
Once you've done these 2 simple steps you will be put in the queue untill I look at your page and decide whether or not it is good enough to be put in the ring!!Either way you'll be told what happens!!Well C'ya!!
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Here is an example HTML fragment:
This Grey ring site is owned by Chris Wilson.

Want to join the Grey ring?
The Grey Ring is owned by the ringmaster, Chris Wilson

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Your the to have been to this page!!

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